[INTRO] Astronauts_BaekMinJi93

wjsn intro.png

Hi! BaekMinJi93 here ~


Born in Patriot City 16th years ago with Bella Betrixiana as my birth name, but just call me Bebe because I luv that surname so much. High school student and having excited to write a freak story and KPOP music. Fandom? Hei… I’m multifandom, you know?! So, don’t worry if you wanna chit chat with me as long as girl/boy group I knows too and you don’t talk about K-Drama, ‘cause I leaning more to KPOP music hehehe… To be honest, I’m introvert girl and sarcastism and sometimes if I feel awkward with someone, I will never close with them. So, give me a good impression, okay?

Wanna know more about me? Contact me on :

Twitter and My Cafe. For ID LINE, mention me on Twitter, okay?

An actually, I love all member of WJSN, but I luv them more than others…

| Cutie Dayoung | Beauty Eunsoo | SeolA Mama | Charming Girl EXY |

Ah! Don’t forget to come and visiting me on :

| SKF | LFI | HJSFI | GFriendnesia | IOI |

Warm Regards,



9 responses to “[INTRO] Astronauts_BaekMinJi93

  1. Hello kak Bebe ^^

    Cupid dari garis 03 disini :’v panggil aja Rere ato Cupid :”v

    Btw, aku pernah ngeliat kakak deh tapi di mana gitu ‘-‘

    Salken yo~


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