[Intro] Astronaut_aurora

tumblr_o4pqrk67Ff1v3wi9qo5_250    tumblr_o4pqrk67Ff1v3wi9qo8_250

“We’ve all got weaknesses. Me, for instance. I’m tragically funny and good-looking.” — Leo Valdez.

eyegasm; cheng xiao / eargasm; exy

My aptitude test told me I’m a Divergent: scored highest in Erudite, Abnegation, and Amity. Perhaps it’s causing the Sorting Hat still confused which house should I be in; Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. Holla there, here is Aisya who came from 00-squad. Love oversized and monochrome sweaters, and of course—books!

* * *

cracked pastel  /  beautiful chaos  /  crappy words  /  messy thoughts


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