[INTRO] Astronaut_aiveurislin

tumblr_o1m8psP7Uj1uwudq9o2_250                                                    314666e16f8ced57a409d12eb10a1e8e4ba96603_hq

“No, I’m not choosing him or you. I’m choosing me.”
Kiera Cass, The Selection

Bintan Nahya ; dendrophile, baloonphobic, and mysophobic ; proud Indonesian Javanese ; coded 000510 ; O type person, water personality ; Hyperactive, careless, pabbo, and weirdo ; weakest potato ; claiming herself as happy-virus

Eyes eventualy stares on Son Jooyeon or known as Eunseo The Vitamin, Cheng Xiao The Chinese Bride got me, also fallen for Kim Jiyeon or Bona The Naive Ones. and so are The other spacers of Cosmic Girls.

My writing…. uhm, i don’t think so. I’m not good enough but trying to improve. I write mostly fluffy-romance idea for fanfics and sad-friendship also school-life for orifics and read mostly historical-fantasy-action book. Honestly, I prefer on writing than reading. so nope.




2 responses to “[INTRO] Astronaut_aiveurislin

    • Halo Moi, aku seringnya sih dipanggil Bintan. Tapi kalo kamu mau panggil Nahya juga gapapa kok. Salam kenal ya 😀


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